1, 25,000 Immigrants Landing in the New Zealand in year ending August


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  • Overseas immigrants with experience in the relevant field

New Zealand welcomes immigrants to fulfill the shortages of skilled labor. Shortages in the workforce in high-demand areas for the country such as construction and technology remain.

The statistics office released latest information would improve the calls from the government to better policies to attract the skilled workers; the country needed right kind of person to fill the jobs.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand governor Graeme Wheeler says a news conference in August, The critical issue around migration is what is the – for want of a better word – the quality of the people that we bring in.

Overseas immigrants with experience in the relevant field give a better chance to get work visa and residence. And the New Zealand offered fee public health service for skilled workers, But 8% of immigrants get work permits on that list, according to Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

A housing boom in Auckland, driven in part by the increasing number of immigrants seem out for a place to reside, and the reconstruction of Christchurch’s many structures, which were ravaged by an earthquake, caused a steady demand for construction.
The New Zealand largest building company Yet Fletcher said the labor shortage coupled with supply constraints meant there were some improper hurdles in executing their projects on time, Fletcher CEO Mark Adamson said that the national worker force they were looking to Australia and the UK, especially for project management fields. In the New Zealand’s IT sector, the fastest-growing export segment was also struggling to keep up.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment disclose that the number of jobs in the technology sector had increased by 35 % in the last four years.

CEO of Xero, Rod Drury a Wellington-based financial technology firm, was of the view that receiving the sufficient number of skilled workers remained a challenge.

We have more jobs, but manpower is less to full fill the positions. Currently, the company supplies the 70% of posts through international recruits

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