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A Few Tips and Advises Regarding Visiting Denmark
Posted on: 20 Sep 2017  |   Tags: Danish Visit Visa , Danish Visiting Visa , Visiting Denmark ,


  The application is applicable in case you are traveling for tourism. There must be a mention of the purpose of travel like doing business visiting friends or family, official visit, or medical treatment. Denmark is a part of the Schengen region. The visa granted gives the holder the right to stay in the entire Schengen region to stay for 90 days in any 180-day period. Decisions about issuing visa applications are done within 15 days. It does not allow the holder to work in Denmark. There are Tourist Visa / Non-Professional Visa Business Visa / Conference Visa Airport Transit Visa / Transit Visa / Seaman Visa, Work Visa / Positive List / Pay Limit Scheme / Corporate Scheme Researchers / Student / Trainees / Interns, Religious Workers, Self-Employed, and the Visa Fee must be paid only in cash and it is non-refundable. These have been designed to cater to all the categories and specifications of the visitors and attract several tourists to this beautiful land.


  The application will be rejected if the following requirements are not met. The documents should be submitted in English or Danish. The applicants have to submit an application at least three weeks before travel:
  • A Passport, which is valid for three months, after the visa expiration date
  • It must have been issued within the past 10 years.
  • It must include personal data and any other visa detail of visit to previous Schengen area or USA and UK visas.
  • You must hold a travel insurance policy covering expenses regarding health reasons/death, medical treatment/ acute hospitalization during your stay. The insurance policy must have a valid coverage of €30,000.
  • Proof of means of transport
  • Proof of lodging
  • Fully completed application form with a recent/ original passport-size color photograph,
  • Proof of financial means to pay for stay and return trip and details of Applicant’s monthly salary
  • Reasons for applicant’s visit
  •  Expected date of arrival in Denmark/duration of stay
  • Confirmation that the applicant will return to the parent country
  • Please carry original documents
  • Colour photocopy of all pages of the valid passport is required.
  • All documents should be provided in A4 size.
  • The processing time is 15 days.
  • Review the Steps for applying and submit a completed application set.
There are a few guidelines regarding how a photograph must be and they must be followed strictly to the measure. They must reveal the skin tones naturally, have proper brightness and contrast and needs to be printed on high-quality paper. When all these issues are taken care of, there will be no worry regarding the materialization of a visa, and the individual can continue to look forward, to an exciting trip to Denmark. The Visit to Denmark will be remarkable for him/her and open the doors for an amazing adventure.

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