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Applying for Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany is the most popular country in the EU region. Germany has been ranked among the safest and richest nations of the world. It is ranked among other nations of the world for its economy.

Germany is known for its world class free and highly competitive education system. Almost every year, Germany has been the center of attraction for thousands of students from around the world who seek to study in Germany and then settle down in the country by searching a good job. Germany has been in search for the talented students who could contribute to its economy and also decrease the shortage of skilled employees.

Individuals with high potential are in increasing demand due to its rising shift. In Germany, an individual has got the chance to discover latest professional outlook and increasing themselves freely in their private and professional life.

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a visa which gives an individual a chance to reside in Germany and search for the jobs. Through this visa, Germany always looks to lure skilled immigrants with qualifications and those who are capable of meeting the needs of nation’s shortage of skills. The duration of this job seeker visa is six months. If an individual gets successful in searching a job, then the Work Permit for Germany would be issued.

Pre Requisites:-


Applicant should be holding a Bachelor Degree or Master’s Degree from Universities in Germany or overseas degrees which are equal to German Degrees.

  • Applicant should possess at least five years of experience associated with field of his/her education.
  • Applicant should demonstrate the evidence of enough funds for covering their reside in Germany.
  • Applicant should also get medical or travel insurance for covering the entire period of their stay in the country until their Work Permit is issued.
  • Applicant should also need to show around 3.5 lakh rupees in liquid cash

Once an individual has obtained an offer of employment with the yearly income of minimum 44,800 euros or 34,944 euros, it applies to the individual with the specialists in fields of IT mathematics, engineering and life sciences and then they could apply for EU Blue Card also.

Benefits of EU Blue Card


Holders of European Union Blue Card are qualified for a PR permit subsequent to 33 months.


An individual can get the PR permit after 21 months if they had proved the skills in language

Processing time for filing: 12 weeks from the date of submitting an application

Fees for Application: INR 4200 (Govt Fees)

Verification fees for Documents: 45,000/20000 relying on the place of Applicant.

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