Australia to Introduce new work visas next month



  • Australia work visa
  • Subclass 400 temporary Work
  • Come to Australia on a temporary basis

Australia will soon have four new work visas in place of the present transitory work visas and coaching and research visas.

The federal executive intends to have the new framework for transitory work visas in place in November after the approval of the new laws through the Governor common.

The brand new visas comprise Subclass 400 temporary Work (brief stay professional) Visa:


This visa will allow employees to enter Australia to undertake brief-time period, specialized work of a fixed period as well as take part in movements regarding Australia’s interests.

This visa could be for people who want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to:

undertake brief-time period, enormously specialized, non-ongoing work in restricted circumstances, take part in an endeavor or work with regards to Australia’s interests.

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