Australia Tourist Visa Makes Your Trip Complete



  • Let’s Share About The Various Benefits
  • The Three Types of Tourist Visas
  • General Information

Overseas nationals those who desire to visit Australia for a holiday trip or plan for a short business purpose can submit an application for an Australia tourist visa. Under this tourist visa, one can enter Australia to visit their relatives and also for a holiday or for a medical treatment, social or frivolous reasons or any other instant works. Based upon the extent of stay and also the purpose of visit, the candidate’s passport, and current location, the type of visa are issued for visiting the country.

Under this Australia tourist visa, the candidates can’t work or offer any service to any kind of business associations or even can’t do any type of businesses like promoting goods to the public of that nation. This Australia Tourist Visa has mainly 3 streams and also several benefits.

Let’s Share About The Various Benefits:


  1. Those overseas citizens who visit the country on a tourist visa can reside up to 90 days
  2. This visa is a multiple-entry visa, the citizens can travel Australia plentiful times and can stay up to 90 days in each visit and there is no requirement to maintain a minimum gap between each trip.
  3. The aspirants can lengthen their stay longer than 90 days by applying for a visa extension without leaving the nation.

The Three Types of Tourist Visas:


  • Sponsored Family stream: This for the overseas citizens who want to visit their family members or friends. In order to apply you must be outside Australia and when the visa is decided and there is no option for applying for another visa while you stay in the country.
  • Business visitor stream: This visa is for the business people who want to travel to the nation for short business visits, they can attend conferences, meetings or negotiations.
  • Tourist stream: This is for the people those who want to travel to Australia for a holiday, or to visit their family or friends. So, those who want to apply for this visa should apply from their homeland.

General Information:


  • The Australia tourist visa lets the candidate visit Australia for visiting the attractions or business activities.
  • The Business activities mainly include attending a concession or a tentative business visitor conference.
  • Overseas citizens those who determine training or casual study for less than three months can also apply for this Australia tourist visa.
  • Longer tourist visas for are available for the overseas parents of Permanent Residents and Australian Citizens.
  • This Australia tourist visa is valid up to 5 years which offer a stay of up to 12 months on every entry to those parents who are outside the country.

Thus, the Australia tourist visa lets you visit the country with various benefits. By fulfilling the above requirements, you can easily gain the visa for visiting.

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