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Australia is a beautiful country with unique geographical features, beautiful landscapes, and exotic beaches. If you wish to visit this country and already have family over there, all you need is a family sponsored visa to Australia. At MoreVisas, we believe in reuniting you with your loved ones. Keeping this in mind, we are all ready to help you get the family sponsored visa to Australia.

Requirements for the family sponsored visa:

This visa requires an Australian resident or citizen to sponsor your visit. The person sponsoring your visit should be living in Australia for at least two years. Sometimes, a security bond may be requested depending on the case. This bond states that the visitor will reside in the country for a fixed period of time only, after which he or she will leave Australia. During the stay, the visitor is expected to abide by the visa conditions, breaking which the sponsor will have to face a penalty.

Usually a visa holder stays for a period of three months but depending upon the circumstances, this time can be extended to one year. This is a single entry visa which aims to bring down the high non-return rates of applicants from some countries.

The applicant should be able to prove that he or she is financially dependent on the relative who resides in Australia. Also, the sponsor should be capable of financially supporting and accommodating the visa holder for the entire duration of his or her stay in Australia without the need of public funds.

Who are the eligible holders of this visa?

Family members who can avail this visa include

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents

There are some added benefits that you can enjoy if you get the Family sponsored visa. These are:-

  • He or she will be granted a permanent resident visa.
  • Access to study and work permit.

However, before processing the visa, you need to produce a medical certificate to the Australian visa and immigration department stating that you meet all the health requirements for obtaining this visa. For this, you need to undergo a thorough medical examination.

How is a visit to MoreVisas beneficial to you?

With our expert guidance in handling immigration cases with ease, we at MoreVisas offer you a fool-proof way for you to enter into Australia to join your dear ones there. Our visa formalities are in line with the latest document requirements for obtaining the Family sponsored visa. Call or visit us today and secure your visa soon!


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