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Australia or the ‘’kangaroo nation’’ as it is popularly called, is every immigrant’s dream destination. Whether it is for educational reasons or for finding lucrative employment opportunities, the country has a lot to offer individuals. Plus, the natural beauty of the place is a major attraction for people. If you are thinking of Australian Immigration, you can do so under various categories, depending upon your purpose.

Settling down in Australia requires a lot of procedures which you might not be aware of. To help you in this, you can approach a competent visa consultancy like MoreVisas which will help you in the immigration process.

Various Australian immigration programs


  • Australia Skilled Independent visa-This visa allows skilled workers and their family members to settle and work in the country permanently. You do not need sponsorship from your employer to get this visa approved. It is a points-based visa system. This visa is a multiple-entry visa which is issued for a period of five years.
  • Skilled immigration visa- Applicants who are well-qualified and skilled in their profession can be eligible for obtaining this visa. Under this visa, the applicant can live and work in Australia, after establishing his credentials as a Senior Executive or Professional Company Owner. The applicant has to undergo the points-based evaluation.
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored visa-Under this visa, the skilled worker is sponsored by an eligible relative who resides in Australia. However, after getting this visa, the applicant cannot include his or her partner or spouse as a second applicant.
  • Family Sponsored visa-It is extended to those people who are seeking to come to Australia to visit their families. The visa holder is allowed to stay for a period of three months but the stay can be extended, depending up on the circumstances to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Student visa-This visa entitles the holder to study and even work n Australia for as long as the course duration takes to complete, plus an extra month. The student needs to be above 16 years of age to secure this visa. In terms of work, one can indulge in a part-time job of up to 40 hours every two weeks.
  • Skilled Graduate (Temporary) visa-As the name suggests, this is a visa which is temporary in nature and holds a validity of up to 18 months. The dependent family members are eligible to apply for this visa as well. They should meet the character and health requirements, have health insurance and sign the value statement of Australia.

Apart from these visas is the distinguished talent visa, tourist visa, and working holiday visa.


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