Applying for a Visa to Australia?

Immigration to Australia is strictly watched by authorities who do their best to make sure visa applicants are not taken exploited by rogue Australia migration agents. According to law, all migration agents from India are guessed to register with the Office of the MARA.

Migration Agents Registration Authority members have to meet “knowledge needs” – they must be an Australian lawful practitioner or have done a Graduate Certificate in Australia Migration law.

If you plan to submit your Australian visa application with the support of an agent, they must be a MARA member. Giving out Australia migration suggestion without being registered is illegal and will outcome legal action by the DIAC. If you engage you to support of an unregistered agent there is a danger that your application will be submitted correctly, jeopardizing your chance of visa victory.

Someone who is not a registered Australian migration agent can support you with:


• Providing you with detail about your visa application
• Finding out if you require a visa
• Understanding forms and documents
• Filling out forms and submitting documents

They cannot

• Show you how to apply for a visa
• Tell you which Australian visa to apply
• Use their personal experience to support you

The office of MARA exists to save the interests of visa applicants. Individual migrating to Australia from India can be more open to migration scam, particularly if you have not completely grasped the English Language. Unluckily, some individuals take benefit of this weakness for their own means.

How to Watch Out for to Reject Migration Scam:


Misleading detail – a rogue operator may insinuate that he or she has a “deal” of some form with DIAC whereby clients are mechanically granted visas. This is never the case.

A long wait – Some Australian visa applicants do take a large amount of time to assess. Before you apply, research the average processing time so you are alert if something is not perfect.

Request for upfront payment – Visa applicant charges are paid when your application is lodged not beforehand and you are capable of paying these charges yourself. The only charges you may be needed to pay prior to submission are the Australian migration agent own.

Actual documents – in most cases, DIAC only need certified copies of your actual documents. If it does ask for actual they will be couriered back as soon as easy. Your agent does not want to hang out your actual papers.