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Availing Malaysia Immigration from India
Posted on: 03 Feb 2017  |   Tags: Malaysia immigration , Malaysia Immigration from India ,

Malaysia is a rapidly growing Asian economy, which is known for its diverse culture, low cost of living and pleasant weather. With its stable economy and political structure, Malaysia has attracted many Asian and Europeans for work permits. If you are looking to avail Malaysia Immigration from India, then you need to go through a procedure to be eligible for availing entry permit.

Visa fees for Indian applicants:

  If you are from India and if you are applying for a Visa, then you need to pay a sum of RM 50. This sum is same for Single entry, multiple entry and Transit visa.

Entry Permit:

  Entry permit for visa applicants are categories into four sections including Investors & Experts (A1), Professionals (A2), Point system permit and Visa with reference.

Work sectors in which Indians can apply:

Workers from India including male and female are permitted to work in the following sectors:
  • Construction (high tension cable only)
  • Service sectors including wholesale/retail, restaurant-cooks, textile industry, metal/scrap material, goldsmith, barbers and recycling sector.

Procedure to avail Malaysia Immigration from India:

  Before even you can apply for a work permit, an employer must comply with certain guidelines set by the immigration department. Those are as follows:
  • An Employer must get Immigration Security Clearance PASS result at any of the ISC center in Malaysia.
  • An employer must apply for a VDR (Visa with Reference) approval at the immigration department before employing an Indian worker. A VDR application can be submitted via e-service system or at immigration centers. ,
Based on the details provided by the employer in VDR application, Immigration authorities will take a decision to approve.

Entry for Indians:

  After approval of VDR, workers from India are issued with an entry pass at Malaysian Attaches office in India. Using these permits, Indian workers are can enter authorized entry points. After arriving in Malaysia, Employer must make sure that the clearance process for Indian workers is completed within 24 hours. Indian workers are then required to undergo medical test at specified or registered medical centers within 30 days of their entry into Malaysia. After obtaining a medical certificate, Indian workers are issued with VP(TE) [Visit Pass (Temporary Employment)]. VP(TE) will be issued at the Immigration department where VDR approval letter is issued. Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) comes with 12 months validity. Employers applying for VP(TE) extension must apply before 3 months of the expiry date.

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