Canada to Proffer Early Work and Permanent Residence Authorization to Spouses


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Canada to proffer early work and permanent residence authorization to spousesCanadian government has newly introduced a pilot plan to issue early work permits and permanent residence to common-law partners and the spouses of the country’s citizens under SCLPC (Spouses or Common-Law Partners in Canada class). Individuals who file an inland request for permanent migration are now granted with the work permits prior to the final approval of the application.

All the loose equivalents of the status adjustment have made Outland and inland requests for permanent residence benefits in some of the other ways from the Canadian government. Whereas, the Outland requests of overseas nationals are processed in the concerned visa offices of the country. Few of the supporters of the new pilot plan praised it for decreasing the requirement for individuals who seek the migration benefits to pick out the best from the two risky choices such as applicants migrating to the nation to join their partner are not permitted to work nor can they enjoy the benefits of the employed status and are unable to join their family for a definite period of time.

This creates lots of financial, practical and emotional problems to applicants involved in it. However, the new open work permit offered by the Canadian government allows an individual to work for any organization or an employer for a particular duration of time until their permanent residence application gets processed.

CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has initiated this new program to offer open work authorization to qualified SCLPC candidates who have filed the application prior, for permanent residence. Individuals who have submitted their applications on 22 December 2014 have to complete both the open work authorization and permanent residence applications in parallel.

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