Canada Skilled Immigration Program



  • migrate to Canada through the Canada Skilled Immigration.
  • Skilled Immigration programs will obtain a permanent resident Visa for Canada
  • Aspects of immigration

The international candidates who desire to migrate to Canada to work and become well-known in the present employment market can migrate to Canada through the Canada Skilled Immigration. This program is for the applicants who got chosen under this program depending on their qualification.

To get preferred for this skilled immigration as a skilled worker the applicant needs to have some required work experience and skills, besides there are some more necessities need to be satisfied by the candidate.


  • Have at least one year of work experience either it can be a permanent or corresponding paid work experience since past ten years in any accomplished occupation.
  • Need an enduring employment offer letter from the employer of this country or be supposed to be eligible for the arranged employment with the Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  • A complete two years study is required or is supposed to complete a PhD program from a standard organisation in Canada.
  • Need to achieve a bare minimum in the language talent test in the two specialised languages English and French
  • Added to these, the Canada skilled immigration candidates must score a minimum under the immigration assortment aspects according to the CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The requests under this skilled worker program are processed through the Express Entry Selection System and the candidates those who got selected under this program need to make an expression of interest (EOI) for immigrating to this nation. There are some aspects measured for Canada immigration.

Aspects of immigration:

  • The applicants are assigned up to 12 points for Age factor.
  • The applicants are allotted up to 25 points for education Based on their percentages.
  • The applicants are awarded up to 15 points for work experience based on the experience level since last 10 years.
  • The applicants are awarded a total of 28 points based on their proficiency in languages out of which 24 for the first official language and 4 for the second official language.
  • The candidates are allotted with 10 points For their adaptability in the country.
  • The candidates are awarded 10 points for the Arranged Employment.

In addition to these aforementioned aspects or requirements, the candidates need to show that they have the sufficient funds in order to support themselves during their stay in the country. The applicants also are supposed to take care of all the security approvals and should undertake required medical examinations as this is also a division in the Canada skilled immigration process.

One of the main goals of Canada skilled immigration is to gladly receive the overseas skilled workers who will support to their developing economy. Oversees skilled workers who will settle in Canada on a permanent basis are particularly precious to the Canadian employees. Flourishing candidates of the Skilled Immigration programs will obtain a permanent resident Visa for Canada.

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