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Canada is one of the top-notch destinations across the globe that offers wide-range of career and employment prospects to individuals who possess special skills and abilities. It is the most attractive country for immigrants in the northern hemisphere. This welcoming country has vast land with less population, which is most suitable to settle down. Individuals willing to become a Canadian citizen can relocate to their dream destination through temporary work permit of the country.

What is a Canada work permit?

It is an authorization given by the concerned authorities of the country to work for in the nation for a certain period of time for an overseas national who is not its permanent resident. Based on the period, that you are planning to stay in the country and the type of job that you are going to do your visa option changes. Individuals satisfying certain criteria which visa officers are looking for are allotted with the visa at the earliest than the one who don’t meet the requirements. An applicant planning to move to Canada through business or skilled worker visas must qualify in the points test conducted by the concerned country. Points are allotted based on the factors such as age, language, experience, qualification and many others.

Who can apply for work permit of Canada?

All overseas employers, students, business people and live-in caregivers can apply for it. Individuals migrating to their dream destination can avail many benefits such as, can travel across the nation without any restrictions, and can bring their life partners, dependent child to reside along with them, if required, they can involve in studying vocational study programs and can reside and work in the country without any limits.

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Requirements to apply for Canada work permit:

• Must possess sufficient funds to support themselves in the country
• Must possess the valid visa of the country
• Must meet the health and character requirements
• Employers have to receive a Labor Market Impact Assessment to hire the overseas employee

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