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  • What Kind of Skilled Workers Does the European Union Need?
    Posted on : 17 Feb 2017  |  Category: EU Immigration ,
    The excitement that surrounds the potential of immigrating to the European Union can seem incredibly strong and yet people often wonder if that excitement is simply hype or if it is based on truth. You will be happy to hear that this energy is based on fact. There are significant numbers of jobs available in the European Union, and the country is Read More
  • Why Do People Move to the EU?
    Posted on : 23 Feb 2017  |  Category: EU Immigration ,
    Rumors and stories in the news of late may make it seem like everyone who is immigrating from all over the world’s going to the EU. And, while the European Union does have a tremendous amount of opportunity available for all immigrants, the fact that the whole world is trying to get in, is not quite true. There are several disadvantages to residing in the EU which makes people think that perh....Read More
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