The US-India Business Council Calls for the Augment of H-1B Visas

The Indo-US business advancement groups accosted for expanding the H-1B work visas for the international professionals and are arguing that by restricting the number of H-1B visas would show an effect on the global capitalism of the American companies. “Mukesh Aghi”, the president of US-India Council (USIBC) advised that, how can the U.S expand its […]

Morevisas Support in my Canada Student Visa

Hai this is Harshini, today I am happy to share my experiences that I had with the professional immigration consultants of Morevisas. I am a girl, who is passionate about undertaking my higher studies in a nation that has top ranked universities, resplendent natural attractions, metropolitan cities and many others. Recently one of my friends […]

MoreVisas Assistance in Obtaining my Canada Student Visa

Canada is one of the well-known and incredibly significant study destinations that offer umpteen number of career and employment prospects for international students who would like to explore their skills and abilities. Alongside its educational opportunities, this top-notch destination is also known for its beguiling wildlife, stunning landscapes, escapade destinations, high-rise buildings, urban prettiness, waterfalls, […]

Morevisas offers stellar immigration services to potential aspirants   

Morevisas are the global leaders in providing immigration and visa services to potential aspirants who are interested in moving abroad. We have established our roots in various domains such as student visas, visit visas, work visas, business visas, family visas and so on. Our visa counselors are highly professional and gain expertise in various matters […]

PIOs to get life-long Indian visas: President Mukherjee

The Indian government has announced an ordinance that wishes to merge Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) schemes, which enables PIO’s to obtain a life-long Indian visa. The reforms through the ordinance to the Citizenship Act will provide certain benefits for PIOs such as life-long visa and exemption to meet […]

Ministry of External Affairs proposes visa-on-arrival facility for Chinese tourists

Ministry of External Affairs is planning to propose the facility of visa-on-arrival along with the easing of current protective restrictions to Chinese travelers visiting the nation to enhance the investments that country attains from China. The new move will be put forth after three months of Chinese President, Xi Jinping’s visit to the nation, during […]

Canada to Proffer Early Work and Permanent Residence Authorization to Spouses

Canadian government has newly introduced a pilot plan to issue early work permits and permanent residence to common-law partners and the spouses of the country’s citizens under SCLPC (Spouses or Common-Law Partners in Canada class). Individuals who file an inland request for permanent migration are now granted with the work permits prior to the final […]

MoreVisas Assistance in my Canada Express Immigration Program

Hello friends, this is Shylu.  Today I am here to share my experience with MoreVisas in my Canada Immigration process. I had a dream of relocating to Canada that has diverse cultures, traditions, and stupendous attractions. Apart from its natural attractions and beaches, the country is also known for wide-range of employment and career prospects. […]