Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong is ranked sixth in the world for least restrictive immigration laws for foreign talent. By adopting an open and liberal approach to immigration, Hong Kong ensures its sustainability in a globally competitive market. Hong Kong Business Visa Schemes The Hong Kong experts devised the QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme) in 2006 to pull […]

Why do We Need to Move to Other Countries?

People have moved from their home countries to other places for centuries. This movement can be due to various reasons which can be economical, political, social or environmental in general. For the sake of simplicity, these general factors can be categorized into two types. The “push” factors and the other one are “pull” factors. But […]

Territorial Disputes with Immigrants

Just a couple months ago a Danish politician was called on his harsh words when he was heard saying that boats carrying refugees should be fired upon. These boats, carrying immigrants who are people attempting to make their way to a better life and a safer area, have been noted for some time as people […]

Immigration to First World Countries for Greener Pastures

When the decision to immigrate is made, there has usually been considerable thought put into it. There are thoughts about the life that one can have for themselves or for their family. There are thoughts about how education may be improved or how career prospects may be brighter. And when these are the considerations being […]

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