Certain Things you Need to Know While Opting to Work in Hong Kong



  • Eligibility Requirements for the Visa
  • Necessary Documents for Work Permit
  • Process that Needs to be Followed

Hong Kong is one of the beautiful countries, simultaneously offers a satisfying abroad experience for expats from different countries. However, it’s difficult to get a work visa in this country as most of the vacancies are filled by locals there. But if you have the right talent and skills required for a profile then you can get the opportunity to grab, settle and work in Hong Kong.

The work visas offered to the foreign job seekers are issued under the ‘Employment for Professional scheme’ of the country.

There is no numeric cap or limit to the number of visas being issued. The foreign professionals are issued visa on the basis of the skills and qualification they hold that are not possessed by the locals of this country. If the country is searching for specific skills that the locals are not having, and if you hold the specific talent then it would be very easy for you to get a visa to Hong Kong.

Eligibility Requirements for the Visa


  • The candidate should have a clean record, not associated with any criminal activity.
  • The Candidate should have the relevant educational qualification, excellent technical skills, and experience in the related field.
  • Must have a job offer at the time of applying.

Necessary Documents for Work Permit


  • Job offer Letter
  • Filled Visa application form
  • Valid Passport
  • 2-3 Passport size photos
  • Certificates, mark sheets, and relevant documents
  • Travel and health insurance

Process that Needs to be Followed


  • Once the document is ready, submit the application to the Hong Kong immigration department.
  • If your visa is approved, then you can collect the visa from the local Hong Kong embassy.
  • The work visa for the foreign professionals is valid for 1 year. It should be renewed frequently and as long as the employee is working for the company.
  • As the candidate is residing in Hong Kong for 7 years then he/she would be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

There are no restrictions on the number of visas issued by Hong Kong government. The visa processing takes a time of 4-8 weeks with possible further delays. So, if the candidate is opting to work in Hong Kong then he/she are encouraged to file the application as soon as possible.

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