De Facto Visa to Australia Application



  • Understand your Relationship
  • Terms of the Relationship
  • your de factor visa to Australia application

The Immigration system of Australia is one of the hardest and complicated in the globe. Though it is quite straightforward, there is a single aspect of this process that needs clarification. This part is on a de facto visa to Australia applications. Here are best tips for your application.

Understand your Relationship:


The globe has changed very quickly and many relationships have bore fruit and blossomed from what was previously not accepted by society. These include unmarried couple’s relationship between non-citizens and Australian citizens, sometimes with kids. You have to understand your connection inside out to reject any problem as to claims of fraud, as there are no fast and hard rules on these de factor relationships.

Visa Term:


 You need to know that you applying for the Australian visa and with it the events involved with its insurance. The term of the de factor visa to Australia is for 2 years. After this term, the applicant can submit for Australia permanent residency, thus permitting the individual to set roots in the nation. The visa would permit the individual to either stay in the nation or even travel abroad any number of times so long as the relationship is verified to be valid and real.

Terms of the Relationship:


There are definite conditions that need to be met to verify the relationship and thus qualify for a de facto Australia visa. There must be a real nonstop de facto relationship at least 12 months long. The link with the sponsor must be actual and exclusive, with a period of either living combine or have lived combine. Separation may due to the visa application. Another visa fact must be proved is that the proof can be provided to prove the existence of relationship for 12 months or more.

Know the visa needs:


These needs, aside from the ones previously stated for your de factor visa to Australia application, contain a medical test with a chest x-ray. Verification also requires being submitted that the individual applicant does not have any bad record in the nation where the individual resident in the last 12 months. Another fact you need to understand is the timescale for this type of application. The period can be anywhere between 3 and 6 months if all paper job is in order. Any suspicion of scam would actually push the application and may even lead to being blacklisted.

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