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Different Types of Hong Kong Visas for the Migrants
Posted on: 06 Nov 2015  |   Tags: Hong Kong , Hong Kong visas , immigration to Hong Kong ,

Hong Kong is gradually becoming a well-liked destination for those overseas migrants who desire to experience life in abroad. They can either work, study or travel and visit diverse places. It is a contemporary nation with plentiful of opportunities in computing business and also in various fields. In order to make the international migrants comfortable, the country has introduced a flexible immigration plan. Compared to the other nations this nation does not have immigration limits. The most recent immigration plans made by this government made the hopeful migrants feel free to enter the nation.

So, in order to apply for a visa to immigration to Hong Kong, you have to first come to know about the different types of Hong Kong visas that are accessible depending on your requirement for entering into this nation and the time period of your stay.

Various Types of Hong Kong Visas:

The main criteria need to be fulfilled by the migrants is having a valid passport for six months or more
  • Dependent visa: Any dependent’s relations those who are existing in his country can be a sponsor for their spouse or children of age below 18 or parents aged 60 above. The sponsor should have a business or work visa.
  • Guest visa: Through this visa, the citizens of various nations can effortlessly move into this nation and some country citizens can enter without a visa like Italy, Germany, Spain, U.S etc. If you need the guest visa, you are supposed to apply to the Chinese embassy or consulate from your homeland.
  • Investment visa: This visa is granted for a freelance people who are keen to start their own business in this nation for this the candidates have to put up their particulars like business experience, planned business activities, educational qualifications, and financial resources.
  • Work visa: In order to get a job, you need to get a work visa. And you should have a sponsorship by the employer who is going to take up you. The candidates have to meet certain criteria like work experience and education are considered. The whole process may take up to 6 weeks, once you are granted the visa, you can apply for Permanent Residence for your children and spouse.
  • Student visa: If you want a student visa the educational institution should sponsor you and should apply for the visa on behalf of you.
  • Permanent Residence: This visa can be obtained if you show an evidence of your living in Hong Kong is more than 7 years. Once you get this visa you can work and live wherever you want in the country without any visa requirement. If you depart from the country for more than 3 years you will lose your Permanent Residence status.
  • Domestic work visa: This visa is a two-year domestic work contract visa. The employees must live in their employer’s house.
These aforementioned different Hong Kong visas will assist many overseas citizens for immigration to Hong Kong those who wish for studying or working or to live everlastingly can decide any one of these visas depending on their reasons to visit.

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