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  • Eligibility criteria are for those who are

The country of Austria covers an area of 83,878 sq kilometers with an average of 1,715 million people with migration background. Many companies in Austria are enthusiastic in bringing the non-EEA national into the country.

Austria immigration process has different permits that allow the overseas citizens to enter and stay in the country. For those who want to stay in the country for more than six months then they should apply for the residence permit and for those who want to work in this country should apply for the work permit. These permits are issued by the authorities of the country.

There are different types of immigrations available for the international citizens allowing them to permanently settle in the country

Types of Immigration :


  • Mobility within the EU: In this type, the citizens of EU and EEA are included along with their families can have the possibility of applying the residence permit to reside more than six months in the country
  • Permanent immigration: Under this type, the Red-White-Red card scheme is included this is for those who want to live and work in the country permanently. In order to apply for this, the candidates need to fulfill some certain criteria and that is translated into a points system. the point calculator will help you in determining your eligibility for this scheme
  • Temporary residence: In this type, you can find the information regarding the temporary stays in the country. under this immigration, students, self-employed workers, artists, researchers and social workers are eligible
  • Fixed-term employment: This type of immigration is best for those who are planning to work in the country only for a fixed period of time.

What is Red-White-Red Card?


The department of Austria immigration has introduced a new flexible scheme in order to facilitate the third-country workers and their dependents to get the permanent residence to Austria. This scheme has been introduced in July 2011. This card is issued for a period of 12 months and designates the holder until they are employed by the employers.

Eligibility criteria are for those who are:

  • Highly qualified workers
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations or other key workers
  • Graduates from any Austrian universities and colleges of higher education
  • Self-employed key workers

Who is Eligible for Red-White-Red Card Plus?


The overseas skilled workers who are the holders of Red-White-Red Card can apply for this card plus if they were employed in agreement with the necessities important for receiving the RWR Card for at least 10 months within the preceding 12 months. And also the EU Blue card holders who are employed in agreement with the requirements vital for receiving the EU Blue card for at least twenty-one months within the above twenty-four months.

These are the various immigration ways available for Austria immigration.

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