Do you Need a Hong Kong Visit Visa?

Do you need a Hong Kong visit


  • Hong Kong Tourist Visa
  • need to get a Hong Kong visa before leaving for Hong Kon
  • Special Administrative Region

Hong Kong Tourist Visa


In Hong Kong, a visa is not required for sightseers from more than 160 nations. A stay going from 7 to 180 days is allowed for certain nationalities. Individuals from those Hong Kong visa-free nations, be that as it may, need to get a tourist visa on the off chance that they expect to work or if their visit is past the conceded time of your visa stay length. Additionally, other nations’ natives need to get a Hong Kong visa before leaving for Hong Kong as it’s practically difficult to get it on landing.

Most sightseers do not require a visa for a visit of only a few weeks. If it’s not too much trouble see the list of Hong Kong Visa Exemption for Foreign Countries/Areas. All guests touching base at Immigration control points will be issued with landing slips in lieu of stamping on their visas/travel reports.

Special Administrative Region (SAR)


Despite the fact that Hong Kong is China, as a Special Administrative Region (SAR), it has its own entrance directions. This implies the typical Chinese visa does not work for Hong Kong and the other way around.

By and large, Hong Kong is extremely open to non-natives who just need to visit as a business exercises, for example, going to customers or going to exchange fairs. By and large, the principles are basically the same as under the British organization that went before the SAR’s arrival to Chinese control.

Never forget that all nations and Chinese SARs have the privilege to decline any individual.

Do I require a visa to visit Hong Kong?


The most nationals who, if they meet the essential criteria, may enter Hong Kong for 180 days without getting a visa ahead of time. USA subjects, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and most European nationals may enter for 90 days. Others are differently confined to 30, 14, or 7 days. You must have a visa if your nationality is required to have one and have return travel courses of action.

Most voyagers, particularly from western nations, are not background checked with the last three but rather all explorers ought to take into account the likelihood that immigration may check you if they feel that they have occasion too. It is important to double check that your background will not have any impact on you entering or leaving the country.

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