Documents Required for Canadian Immigration

Documents Required for Canadian Immigration


  • What Documents do you need to Apply for Canadian Immigration
  • Canadian Immigration & Documents
  • Important document which you need to submit

Nowadays all the countries are competing with one another in every aspect in order to get development and become a superpower and rule among the world.

Citizens mostly belonging from the third world countries try to Immigrate to the countries that come to the top rankings in order to get good employment and can increase their style and standard of living.

Since more than thousands of people are moving day by day to the developed countries the chance of getting Immigration in that countries are also getting low as the passage of time.

Canada is considered as among the top and the most developed countries in the world. People go there for the employment and the students for studies. Since the growth of population, it has been a lot difficult for many people to Immigrate to Canada, and therefore Canadian government has introduced a lot of new strict policies to stop non-deserving people entering into their country.

The documents that are needed in order to apply for the Immigration the Canada are most importantly your personal and financial documents on which you are judged that whether you qualify on their needs or not.

You need to fill and submit Immigration Forms that you can find online or get from Canadian Embassy located in your region and you have to provide original

  • Academic Transcripts,
  • Bank Statement regarding your withdrawals and earnings,
  • 2 to 3 Passport size recent photographs and you need to show the letter of recommendation,
  • Birth Certificate,
  • Marriage Certificate if married and children’s birth certificate if there is any or adoption certificate if you have adopted,
  • Divorce Certificate if you are a divorcee and the citizenship certificate for the country you are currently living in.

Another important document which you need to submit is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Result Score if you are applying from the country having another official language rather than English. Any document that is not in English, then kindly translate that to English and attach the affidavit of the person who has translated it and also submits the qualified copy of the original document.

So, hurry up and apply as soon as possible to immigrate to Canada and live the life of your dreams, and visit the most amazing places in Canada whenever you need to.

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