F1 Student Visa Program for Overseas Students



  • How to obtain an F1 Visa
  • F1 visa there some basic requirements
  • F1 student visa process is comparatively an easy and simple process

Overseas students who are willing to study in the U.S can apply for this F1 visa which is a non-immigrant visa issued to an international student who is planning to enter the country for higher studies. Students under this F-1 visa need to continue the minimum course requirement for a full-time student position. The students can stay behind in the country up to sixty days upon the length of time it takes to finish their educational program unless they have applied and been accepted to persist and work for a period of time under the OPT Program.

How to obtain an F1 Visa:


F1 student visa process is comparatively an easy and simple process. It’s always better to start this process as soon as possible in order to avoid any holdup and which might affect your educational program. But the most crucial step for becoming a foreign student is applying to an educational organization in the U.S that has been permitted by the SEVP that is the Student exchange visitor program.

Once after getting approval from the organization r school or university of your choice then you are formally signed up for this SEVP program a form will be provided by your selected educational program or institution. This form will permit you to plan an appointment for an interview with a local U.S consulate or embassy for an F1 visa and also authoritatively to become a foreign student.



For gaining an F1 visa there some basic requirements to be fulfilled by the students which allow them to attend high school, any seminars, universities, colleges, training programs etc.

  • Study a full-time course
  • Be enrolled in a language training or academic program
  • Enough resources that bear their entire course of study
  • Intend to return back to their residence after completing studies
  • Accepted by the ( SEVP ) Student and Exchange Visitors program

Work Permit:


Overseas students under this visa are totally permitted to study in the country, and under high circumstances they are permitted to work only in the campus for 20 hours per week. They are advised to take a suggestion from the Foreign Student Advisor before searching for jobs in the country.

F1 student visa holders can apply for optional training Program (OPT) program after finishing their academic studies under this program they can stay up to 12 months for searching a job related to their study program and they can also get an opportunity of achieving an H1B working visa and which sooner or later lead to a green card due to their work experience that have been grown during their one year working.

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