Features and Eligibility Criteria for Denmark Green Card

Features and Eligibility Criteria for Denmark Green Card


  • What is Denmark Green Card system?
  • Green Card for Overseas Students
  • The Primary Features of Denmark Green Card

The country Denmark is the most dynamic members of the European Union. This nation is trying to employ overseas skilled workers from all over the world. According to the immigration plan of Denmark, they follow an immigration program in order to attract the international skilled workers known as the Denmark Green Card.

What is Denmark Green Card system?

The overseas citizens who are more excited towards migrating to Denmark can submit an application for this Demark green card which permits them to work and live in the nation. To get chosen under this system, the applicants are required to meet some points like age, work experience, education, language skills and also the point system. Once the candidates are issued a residence permit under this green Card it provides the right to do both the compensated and voluntary works. This is applicable up to two years and can also it can be extended up to three years once you meet up the essential requirements.

Green Card for Overseas Students:

This is an enormous chance for the international students who have finished their instructive educational programs in Denmark. They can get the residence permit for a period of 6 months after their studies in order to seek employment. The students can also get an extension up to extra six months.

Green Card for Spouses:

Spouses those who go along with the Greencard holder can encompass the residence permit and no necessitate to get a work permit individually that indicates that they are allowed to establish their own business in this nation.

Eligibility Criteria:

There are some suitable criteria in order to obtain the residence permit for Denmark:

  • Education: whichever master degree like the master of the computer application, Master of Technology, master of engineering etc is essential and can earn additional points if you own a degree or Ph.D. from any world-class educational institutions.
  • Language ability: The applicants can achieve more points with this language ability test. For this, they need to get a certified exam in Danish, English, and Swedish. This test is supposed to be cleared in less than two years prior to applying for the visa.
  • Work Experience: The total number of years of experience you have in the field of work, that the country is presently facing a dearth for skilled workers.
  • Adaptability: That is if the candidate has already studied or worked in this country.

The Job Prospects:

  • The persons under this plan are appraised depending on the point system these points are granted based on their objectives and their capability in the direction of the skilled jobs in Denmark
  • The next decisive factor is the language ability. In turn to confirm that you are talented in the work market, frequently you need to update with their language.
  • Before applying for a Denmark Green card one has to verify their employment prospects.

The Primary Features of Denmark Green Card:

  • The candidates under this system are firstly issued a provisional residence permit valid up to three years once you get appointed in the Denmark Company then you can apply for a continuation for more than one year prior to the expiration period.
  • Your residence permit can be extended easily. If you have worked for 12 months for a minimum of 10 hours for each day.
  • After finishing, the process of visa the particular person with permanent residence status is permitted to work anywhere in the country.
  • The exclusive benefit for these Denmark green card visa holders is, they can freely travel to all the countries in Schengen without the need of a visa
  • They can also bring their close family members into the country to get the permanent residence and are have to the same rules like card holders.
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