Fortune’s 40 under 40 List reflects 5 persons from Indian origin



  • 40 under 40 lists by fortune 2017
  • Carekit and research kit programmes
  • people like Mark Zuckerberg on the second spot

40 under 40 lists by fortune 2017 is compiled and culled from an annual ranking list of most influential people in the business sector under the age of 40. The magazine termed such entrepreneurs as innovators, artists, rebels, and disruptors.
The report says that five individuals of Indian origin have been featured in the Fortune’s annual list of the most influential people under the age of 40. Among them was Leo Varadkar, Irish prime minister from the Indian origin. The individuals are featured on this list not only due to their prospering business but also because they stand as an inspiration to people because of their unending work and talent.

Emmanuel Macron, 39-year old French president was the youngest leader who topped the list. He is said to be the youngest leader since Napolean rule.

Other Indians in the lists are Divya Nag, who is 26 years old and who looks after the Apple’s ambitious Research kit and Carekit programme, that motivates and help the developers to build apps related to health. Then in the list is Rishi Shah aged 31 and Shraddha Agarwal Aged 32, who heads the health-tech firm and Leila Janah, 31-year-old who is the CEO and founder of Samasource a nonprofit organization.

Leo Varadakar who is aged 38, has been ranked fifth on the list. Varadkar’s father was born in India. As per the reports by fortune, as the country of Ireland had mass immigration facility long way back, yet remarkably the prime minister of the country is a Hindu immigrant from the city of Mumbai.

Varadkar has done much influential work but the more crucial one is his ability to protect the Celtic tiger against the economic disaster when Brexit would take place in 2019, which would in turn help in guarding the Irelands low tax deals with technological giants.

Nag as of now is looking after the Carekit and research kit programmes and if the company gets well along with the programme then it will transform the clinical trials from hospitals to ongoing studies which would capture vital signs from omnipresent sensors.

Nag quoted that “ The main purpose of the programme is to make people take charge of their own health. People should not live with some health condition or any kind of disease. They should be free from the health issues and live well.”

While Agrawal and Shah have increased the considerable amount of their revenue by offering tablets and touchscreens to hospitals and doctors which can deliver required medical information, meditation apps, and advertisement to patients.

The list also includes other influential people like Mark Zuckerberg on the second spot who is the founder of Facebook, followed by Nathan Blecharczyk, Brian Chesky, and Joe Gebbia who is ranked 4th and CEO and Co-founders of Airbnb, Serena Williams, the tennis star is in the 7th place.

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