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  • Visa categories to move to the US for higher studies:
  • Basic requirements for US student visa
  • Why MoreVisas?

United Sates is a fascinating nation known for cosmopolitan cities that have diverse cultures and stupendous attractions. Apart from its vibrant cultures, the country is also known for the high standard of living and quality education. Foreign nationals willing to relocate to this beautiful nation must know the basic factors involved in its immigration process and the admission pattern followed by its renowned universities.

Every year bulk number of individuals fail to fulfill the criteria of the country due to lack of awareness and knowledge on its immigration. One can easily overcome these obstacles by consulting the professional team who are experts in the immigration field such as MoreVisas. We all know that immigration to the overseas nation for higher education is a hectic task, as it involves a basic process of searching for recognized colleges, institutions and universities and their admission pattern, choosing a course within your budget and many others.

Visa categories to move to the US for higher studies:


F-1 Visa: Individuals willing to undergo academic or English language programs as full-time students in the United States approved private secondary schools, institutions or universities have to apply for this visa. Applicants relocating to their dream destination through this special visa category are allowed to stay in the country only for a duration of three months.

M-1 Visa: This visa is applicable for students planning to undergo non-academic or vocational study courses in the renowned institutions of the country.

There is another visa category called as J-1 visa where individuals are allowed to participate in the exchange visitor programs in the country.

Basic requirements for US Student Visa:


Following are the requirements that an individual must meet to apply for student visa of the country to pursue higher education in its well-known universities:

• Must possess the proof of admission letter from the concerned university of the country
• Must possess sufficient funds to support themselves in the country during the stay
• Must be able to submit the proofs of health and character requirements
• Must hold the valid passport of the country
• If possible he or she should hold the evidence of English proficiency test scores

Why MoreVisas?


MoreVisas is a leading immigration consultancy that has professionals who have fine knowledge on every updated immigration process. They not only help their client in visa application processing but also help in gaining awareness on every update on visa category of the country that we have chosen. On the whole, it is a one-stop destination for every visa category services.

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