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Morevisas splendid assistance in helping me acquire Germany student visa

Hi! This is Mayank. I would like to narrate the experience I had with Morevisas consultancy as, without their guidance, I would not have been able to get a student visa for Germany.

I had always wanted to study abroad. So, without wasting time after my graduation, I started searching and gathering information about the best study destination overseas. After zeroing in on Germany, I began to look at the educational institutions which offered my course of choice in its study programs. I was also looking for such a place where I could get a scholarship or grant. The choices were really confusing me. And I also did not know whom to approach for guidance.

At this point of time, a close friend of mine suggested me to go to Morevisas consultancy. With a lot of expectations, I visited the office of Morevisas the very next day. I was cordially greeted there and soon a consultant joined me and asked me about my problem. I narrated to him my quandary. After listening to my narrative, he assured me of all possible help. He immediately set down to guide me on the best university in Germany and how to apply for a student visa for that country. I got the required essential documents with me and soon the visa processing was underway. Also, I was prepared by the visa expert on how to face the interview by holding mock trials with me.

When finally, the actual day to face the interview arrived, I was a bit nervous but my consultant allayed my fears with a morale boost. Finally, the ordeal was over and I wanted to know the result. After a few days, I got a call from the Morevisas consultant with this joyous news that my visa had been granted. I was overjoyed on hearing this! Finally, my dream was turning into reality. I thanked him immensely for all his help.

The journey of obtaining my student visa for Germany was full of exciting turns. But all along the way, I was not alone. The entire team of Morevisas and especially my consultant helped me by backing me up in an excellent way. I am really grateful for their support and extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Morevisas.

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One comment on “Germany Student Visa Process – Morevisas Review

  1. Morevisas processed my Germany student visa finally. I am happy With their efforts I have received Germany student visa. I will recommend Morevisas to my friends, neighbor for sure. Thanks a lot Morevisas!