How can Australia Migration from India be on Your Priority List?


  • SOL-Skilled Occupation List
  • Find job positions under SubClass 189
  • Skilled independent Visa

Australia Migration from India can prove to be fruitful with certain basic requirements being addressed successfully listed in the candidate application. Australian PR has got many pointers to be followed with Visa’s mainly under the Subclass 189 and SubClass 190 section

Subclass category 189 is mainly a skilled independent Visa which is Non-Sponsored, wherein candidate’s who are skilled enough for a particular work area can come and look for the desired occupation in SOL-Skilled Occupation List.

Subclass category 190 is a State nominated visa for immigrants who have submitted an EOI under SkillSelect. EOI is Expression of interest which also contains a pool of occupation list from where the candidates have to select their enlisted work domain.

The criteria which need to be present in an applicant are:


  • The applicant should be less than 50 years of age
  • He/she should be proficient enough in English to prove his mettle.
  • The candidate’s proficiency is looked into if he/she has obtained a minimum 60 points in any merit-based points scoring exam like IELTS.
  • The candidate should possess good health and his/her moral background should be clearly stated under to be involved in no criminal offense.
  • The permission of stay granted is a period of 5 years during which the candidate can put an application for Australia PR and accumulate points for becoming a Permanent Resident.

There is another SubClass which category 190 where Visa is submitted through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection-DIBP which is given to applicants who do not find job positions under category SubClass 189

The Visa fee charged is in accordance with the type of Visa the candidate is put into along with it’s stated requirements under Australian PR and Australia Immigration rules and legislations.

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