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  • Each category, a certain figure of points is assigned
  • You need to have 2 years study in your selected profession
  • Raise your score by educating yourself

The Australia immigration Points Calculator supports you evaluate your expertise so as to determine whether you are qualified for the skilled independent visa or not. Independent skilled visa deals with policy of skilled migration which provides the choice of migrating to Australia from India to those who are skilled enough to make a difference to the skill pool. If you were to be offered a skilled independent visa and your family could take up the Australia permanent residence. The Points from immigration points calculator tells you where you are professional enough to qualify for the visa or not.

The Australia Points Calculator for immigration is a series of questions about your work experience, educational background, age, English skills and other details. To each category, a certain figure of points is assigned. The lowest total needed by the Department of Immigration is one hundred twenty, which means if you were to obtain a score of one hundred twenty and above you would be eligible for a skilled immigration visa.

The age needs to score high in the category in immigration Point calculator is that you should be below 44 and above 80. You should be expert in English. You would also need to have a post secondary qualification, if easy an undergraduate degree. You may be capable of getting the best score if you don’t have a degree but have ample relevant experience. Your technical expertise would be evaluated by government authority. You would also need to have a year job experience in one of the jobs listed in the SOL. You can find the Skilled Occupation list at the department of immigration site. If you do not have the skill, then you need to have 2 years study in your selected profession.

You should also be eligible based on the needs to get the best score on the immigration Points calculator. You should not have any contagious, hereditary, or disease. You should not have any criminal proceeding running in any court. You should not be mentally disturbed or insane. Finally, you should be rich. If you qualify in all of the above, you could apply for the Skilled Independent Visa with the help of Australia immigration consultant from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmadabad, and Bengaluru.

You could raise your score by educating yourself and obtaining the match experience. It may not be the simplest thing to do. It is however possible.

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