Immigration Consultants when Planning to Travel to Dubai

Immigration Consultants when Planning to Travel to Dubai


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  • Challenge for the applicants is the IELTS test

In the United Arab Emirates, immigration consultancy is a big business. Immigration aspirants have to part with thousands in fees to be assisted in applying for immigration especially to Australia and Canada. Nevertheless, a few clients have protested about fake consultants. On their part, the Dubai immigration consultants claim that the grievances from some of the clients are irrational and erroneously addressed. Those applicants who criticize the lack of services from the immigration consultants often request a partial or full refund which is unwarrantable according to the consultants.

According to the general manager of Premiers Consultancy, Sohail Saleem, many of the complaints arise from frequent changes in the immigration policy of Canada. Consequently, this has retroactively affected the qualifying applications. Besides, he says that this can be traced back to 2008 when the Government of Canada began implementing a series of reforms to lower the waiting time from 40 months to less than a year. One such reform was the introduction of priority occupations. Over 280,000 qualified applicants were affected by these policy changes by the Canadian government.

Another challenge for the applicants is the IELTS test which is a necessity when applying for immigration papers in countries such as Canada and Dubai. Nonetheless, the process of placing the test and obtaining the essential document that proves minimum language score takes very long periods. This should be done by the applicant once the applicant signs the contractual agreement with the immigration consultant. For example, the Dubai immigration consultants are tasked with guiding the applicant through this process. The responsibilities of the client, as well as the duties, are outlined in the contract.

Moreover, some of the canned applicants say that the signing process did not have any form of integrity. The contracts that were signed in this case were forced on these people hence they were under immense pressure to comply. For example, a person wrote on the complaint board that he was given a bunch of papers and application forms including an agreement which he tried to read, but the consultant spoke about something thereby distracting his attention and eventually signing the contract. However, the Canadian government monitors the consultants all over the world and discussions take place after every six weeks. The complaints about the Dubai immigration consultants were investigated, and according to the consultants, most of them had been uploaded by their competitors.

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