Why is Immigration Laws Such a Big Deal?



  • Immigration More Important Than The Environment
  • Will Immigration Laws Change?
  • Which is why immigration laws seem like a much easier feat to tackle!

The determination of immigration laws is an incredibly volatile focus of politics in our current global state.

The shifting of thoughts and opinions on immigration throughout the largest first-world countries in the game (the United States of America and the United Kingdom) is changing the laws that are being enacted around the topic. Immigrating to a new nation is overwhelming and can be exhausting. This is why the immigration laws that keep changing are only worsening the experience of individuals seeking to make a new life in a different country.

It is difficult enough to try to start your life over, and then immigration laws are so strict and exclusionary, the feat becomes even more difficult.

So why are immigration laws becoming so harsh and why are they changing so constantly?

Is Immigration More Important Than The Environment


Immigration is certainly not dire a situation than the environment, but it is a situation that is easier to fix.

The issues that surround the environment – especially within first-world countries – are very hard to overcome. The environmental problems have been happening for many years, and the ability to change those situations or put a stop to those problems will take a long time. This makes the feat of trying to tackle additional environmental laws very overwhelming.

Which is why immigration laws seem like a much easier feat to tackle!

Therefore, immigration issues are not actually more important than environmental ones, but they are easier to make new laws for. That is why so many legislative officials and governments are starting to put new immigration laws in place while the environmental issues of the world continue to not be effectively addressed.

Nations can stop people from immigration into their countries by putting new laws in place.

This may assist that individual country in maintaining natural resources, but it does nothing to benefit the environment on the whole for the rest of the globe.

Will Immigration Laws Change?


The irony of this process, of making new immigration laws and less environmental laws, is that by forcing people to remain in their own countries, environmental issues may worsen.

There is no concerted effort being made to embrace people coming in from other nations that have better environmental processes and as a result, the same poor environmental processes are going to be used in those original nations.

Still, this is not something that the political elite are seemingly able to see. As a result, the environmental laws will continue to sit by the wayside while immigration laws will continue to be enacted.

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