Income Threshold for Experienced Tier 2 Migrants Would Increase to 30,000 Pounds


  • Iportant changes to Tier 2 of points based system of immigration
  • Tier 2 (Intra Firm Transfer)
  • Visa Fees and Charges


The government of the UK has declared important changes to Tier 2 of points based system of immigration after the suggestions from the MAC. The modifications would be started into two stages this year autumn and April next year.

Tier 2 General


The least income needed for new comers stays at 20,800 pounds that includes employees below 26 years old or those individuals who switch from Tier 4 or other categories of immigration. But the income threshold for sponsoring experienced employees would rise from 20,800 pounds to 25,000 pounds in this year, increasing to 30,000 pounds in the next year.

Radiographers, paramedics, teachers and Nurses would be exempted till July 2019. From this year autumn there would be extra points available under the limit of immigration for immigrants with these skills.

Nurses would stay on the list of shortage occupation, employers sponsoring the nurses from non EU countries would have to permit extra time and resources for hiring as these employees are now subject to RLMT. Jobs on the list of shortage occupation are exempted.

Students who switch from Tier 4 to Tier 2 would not be subject to the limit of immigration and would stay exempt from the RLMT. From this season, this category of sponsored employees could switch jobs within a firm at the conclusion of training program.

Tier 2 (Intra Firm Transfer)


The regulations are simplified, applicants would have to qualify under initial category of visa. The category of skills transfer would close this autumn season and the least income needed for transfers of fewer one year would rise and a least income threshold of 41500 pounds would then apply. Presently transfers under short term only requires a income of 24800 pounds so it would slash down the number of employments qualified for sponsorship under this path.

The need of one year service before transfer would apply in many cases, but from next year april month jobs luring an income of 73900 pounds or more would not need any past service.

Visa Fees and Charges


From autumn this year, entire applicants under intra firm transfer would have to pay health surcharge and from april next month, employers would have to pay an extra fee of 1000 pounds per migrant employee for every year of visa.

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