Interesting Facts About F1 Visa For Students


  • F1-Visa is a non-immigrant visa
  • The process depends on the admission from the educational institutions
  • Get I-20 which is admission approval from the Institute

USA immigration grants this visa to the aspiring students who want to pursue their education in the USA.

F1-Visa is a non-immigrant visa, where you can enter the USA and study in the chosen School or University. Visa is granted for five years.

The process depends on the admission from the educational institutions. It can be lengthy process some time to get an approved admission. Not all colleges come under international institutions they must have the infrastructure and administration to handle the international students.

Once you receive the admission from the university, you will be officially enrolled into the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program). You need to pay the necessary fee and update the record. Your admission which is known as I-20 will be sent to you from the institution through which you can schedule your interview with the US embassy which is close to your location and submit your application for the F1 visa.

 To qualify for F1 visa student must meet the following requirement:


Get I-20 which is admission approval from the Institute, which is approved by the SEVP after providing the required scores and language ability.

Upon graduation, the student will return to the country of origin that is home country.

Evidence of sufficient funds to bear the cost of education and living during your stay in the US. As the student won’t have the eligibility to work during this period.

There is a possibility of transferring admission to another institution.

Students are allowed to work for 20 hours within the campus during the free time with prior approval from the  Department of Homeland and Security and institution.

Going against the rules and working full time and violating the regulations can end up with deportation from the US.

In addition to this, the student can work off campus with permission for up to 12 months which is known as Optional Practical Training (OPT), which allows the student to get trained in the related field of study.

A student can stay up to 60 days after completion of their academic program or OPT training. They can also enroll in another university on the higher program. It always advised to reach out the institution’s international desk for more information and advice.

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