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  • difference between H1-B classification and an H1-B visa
  • Eligible for H-1B classification
  • The H-1B visa is the type of non-immigrant visa

The H-1B visa is the type of non-immigrant visa that permits the US workers to temporarily hire the foreign workers for the purpose of speciality occupations. If you want to apply for this type of visa, then you should have a proposal for employment from the US Company, which is ready to serve as petitioner in the visa application.

The position of the employer who searches for to employ must have held the Bachelor’s degree in that particular field that connects your job. According to Morevisas reviews, in case, if you are qualified for an H-1B visa, then your workers will require applying for the certification from the Department of Labor and they should file the visa petition in front of you.

After you have qualified, you are going to elect to start working, it is essential to take some additional step to applying for a visa in order to enter the US authentically.

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  • Understand the difference between H1-B classification and an H1-B visa.

An employer who is already present in the US requires getting only H-1B classification, in order to work authentically in the US, but an employer, who is in outside the US, should get a license for H-1B classification and then he should apply for an H-1B visa to enter the US and work authentically.

For an employee to get a license for H1B classification, his worker should submit Form I-129 to USCIS. Once the form I-129 is accepted, an employee who is already in the US will go to qualify to work authentically. But if an employee who is not in the US, must take the additional step to apply or H-1B visa that will surely permit you to enter the US.

  • Decide that you are eligible for H-1B classification

If would like to apply for H-1B classification check Morevisas reviews. In this scenario, you need to get job proposal from the US Company which is ready to serve as a petitioner for the applying application. You must earn the salary that is prevailing wage for a position in your field. Ensure this will be decided by a database which is maintained by the DOL that allocates an existing prevailing wage to each job based on the geographical location.

  • Find out when you can apply

For every fiscal year, USCIS can qualify only 65,000 H-1B visa applications. A worker should not file the H-1B visa petition more than 6 months before the date required for the beneficiary’s training or service. Based on the Morevisas reviews, the fiscal year starts on October 1, the earliest date on which a worker can be employed for a given fiscal year is October 1. Due to this, the earliest date on which a worker can file an H1-B petition is April 1st of the previous fiscal year. Always hire most popular consultants because usually, they have better efficiency in processing the application.

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