Learning About the Open Work Permit that can be Used in Canada

Learning about the Open Work Permit that can be used in Canada


  • Canada Open Work Permit
  • Two types of open work permits in Canada
  • Smooth flow of the process

The Canada Open Work Permit is a permit that does not necessarily job specific for a particular industry or profession. This means that an applicant wishing to get this type of permit will not require other prerequisites such as the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the relevant authority in Canada. This is required for each employer to show that there are a vacancy and need for a foreign worker to fill it as well as show that there are no available Canadians that can fill that vacancy. Additionally, proof required to show that an employer has submitted an offer of employment together with the employer compliance fee that is to be paid is also exempted from the applicant.

However, there are two types of open work permits in Canada that include unrestricted ones that allow foreign individuals to work in any occupation while restricted ones that restrict the individual to a particular occupation or location. This is necessary and may vary according to the individual applicant with issues such as the medical status of the individual at the time. Some of the professions that may be restricted with regard to medical status include childcare, primary and secondary school teaching as well as health care services.

To be eligible for the open work permit in Canada, the applicant has to be a permanent residence applicant that have applied to any office in the country, refugee or protected individuals and their families, dependent family members of some of the permanent residence applicants and some temporary resident permit holders.

Additionally, the applicant also has to make sure that he/she leaves the country once the permit expires at the end of the authorized stay period.

The processing time for this type of visa may vary with regard to the individual applicant hence if some documents or requirements are missing more time will be required to complete the process. The open work permit fee has to be paid in some cases at the same time that the individual is paying for the work permit to ensure a smooth flow of the process.

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