Make your Trip Exciting and Delightful with UK Visitor Visa



  • Different types of the visitor visas
  • The basic Requirements
  • UK visitor visa is applicable up to 6 months

Want to visit the UK? No, worries you can just visit UK even though you do not have any family or friends in the UK in order to visit. Now, the overseas citizens can visit the country with UK visitor visa which is a Standard visa for tourism reasons and permits the candidates to travel to this country for holiday or for business purpose or for any more reasons such as to visiting their family or friend’s functions, or to take part in any sports and creative events or to for any personal medical treatment or entirely to visit the country for up to six months. The UK is varied in its landscape and community over there has the prosperity of history and culture and attractive beauty that can be exposed and discovered.

This UK visitor visa is applicable up to 6 months and can be used for a single or multiple entries. Based on the circumstances and reasons for your travel the entries are determined. In Single entry visa, you can enter the nation only once while multiple entry visas permit the applicant to travel to a certain number of times during the legality time. It’s forever best to point out your number of visits before applying for the visa.

To be eligible for this visitor visa, the applicants need to meet some criteria which are very basic. Adding to that, the applicants need to meet other requirements depending on the purpose of their visit like they need to show that they are financially sound to meet the cost of their trip.

Different types of the visitor visas:


  • General visitor visa: This visa is for the visitors those who want to visit the nation for mainly tourism purposes. These candidates should not be members of Britain or the permanent residents.
  • Family visitor visa: This visa is for the overseas visitors who want to visit the UK to meet up their close family members, relatives or friends.
  • Business visitor visa: This visa is for those who want to attend any business symposiums, meetings or any business fair in the nation.

The basic Requirements:


There are some necessary criteria to be met by the visitors for entry into the country

  • Need to take the visa for six months
  • Leave the country soon before the expiration date of their visit.
  • No selling or showcasing any type of services or goods to the people of their country
  • No involvement in any type of employments paid or unpaid
  • No pursuing of any type of course in any educational institutions
  • Evidence of sufficient funds supports your stay in the nation

Processing time:


The usual processing time for gaining this UK visitor visa is 15 days to 1 month. Before this, the overseas candidates need to present all the essential credentials that support their cause for traveling to this country.

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