Manitoba Immigration Through the Provincial Nomination Program



  • What is Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?
  • Factors Required for MPNP
  • Manitoba government has brought in a new program for Manitoba immigration

Manitoba immigration is the doorway for the international citizens to migrate to Canada. This nation is extensively increasing towards immigration. Approximately 130,000 citizens voyaged to Canada since 10 years and made this nation as their new address. The nation is huge with mostly agriculture and natural reserves. The developing region in the hub of this country and is the most excellent place for the international workers to move towards, work or reside as there are plentiful employment opportunities with very economical outlay. It has the well established and stable labor market.

What is Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?


The Manitoba government has brought in a new program for Manitoba immigration known as the (MPNP) Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program under this program the possible immigrants are chosen depending on their experience, qualification and skills if got selected they are granted a Certificate of Manitoba provincial Nomination, this will speed up the whole immigration process.

There are two kinds, in the selection process; one is for the business people and skilled workers. Overseas citizens who are chosen under this Manitoba immigration Program will turn into the candidates now they have to apply for the CIC Canada for PR. CIC takes the final decision in offering the Permanent Residence visa to any candidate only when they complete all the essential requirements and met with all the safety and health checkups.

Factors Required for MPNP:


There are four paths under this program:

1.Employer direct stream:

  • They must be presently working on a temporary work permit or
  • Must possess a permanent job offer from that company
  • They must be able to explain that they are willing to settle permanently in this country

2.International student stream:

  • Should possess a graduate degree from a post-secondary program in this country
  • Should apply for a work permit from CIC Canada or
  • Should be a current employee working in the country with a permanent job offer letter from their employer

3.PNP general stream: if in case you are been selected under this MPNP program no worries you can apply under the general process which works based on the point system. for this you must provide

  • A proof showing that you completed your academic program in this country
  • Evidence showing that you have a family member residing in this country
  • Any sponsorship from any one of your relatives living in Manitoba
  • Evidence of a previous six months works done in this country

4.Family support stream:

  • They should have a sponsor from this county from a close relative who is living in Manitoba
  • The age should be between 21 and 49
  • Should have any evidence regarding any training program or diploma or any postsecondary education certificate done in this country
  • Should have language proficiency
  • Should possess at least two years of work experience

With this process of Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program, all the proposals are sent to the CIC unit of Canada as the Manitoba government has only a minimum number of nominations to be granted every year.

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