Migrate to New Zealand Through New Zealand Immigration



  • New Zealand introducing this immigration program
  • The process of New Zealand’s immigration will be more winning
  • New Zealand immigration program was renewed

New Zealand is a country with ample of opportunities provided for the young skilled immigrants encouraging them to actively participate in various work and study programs through New Zealand Immigration process. The international skilled workers can find various works related to their fields and also can permanently stay in the country. This program brings the candidates with excellent qualifications and skill set for administering them the work permit and also the residence in their country.

A point based system of selection is followed by this country in electing the candidates and those who got selected in this pool are sent appeals to apply for the immigration. This program conducted by the government of this country is a very useful and definite which helps you to advance in your life.

The process of immigration:


The main purpose for introducing this immigration program is to attract the overseas skilled candidates into the country in order to develop the country’s economy and also to fill the labor shortage in some areas of industry. The overall New Zealand immigration program was renewed in 2004. The process is carried out on two levels and a minimum score is required in order to get the entry for the process the min score is 100. The actual process needs certain requirements like

  • work
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Qualification
  • English proficiency
  • Good Health and character

Necessary points for immigration:


There is a certain meet in order to apply for the immigration and to reside in the country based on those points the applicant gets selected. Normally, if the applicant scores 140 points then they are issued an Expression of Interest for applying to Invitation to Apply. if the candidate scores 100 or 135 then they are eligible to submit for an EOI and depending upon the situations they may select or kept waiting for the next round or they may be selected if they have considerable work experience regarding their field or have an employment offer from the employer of the country.

Mainly the process works on:


  • Self-judgment – Must check all your necessities and need to count your points
  • Acknowledge for Expression of Interest (EOI): Must achieve the minimum required score and should be clear regarding all the necessary documents
  • Invitation to Apply: Must be patient for getting selected in the pool and if you reach your score you will be sent an invitation card ITA.
  • Application for Residence: Once you get the visa need to apply for the residence

Thus, the process of New Zealand’s immigration will be more winning when you can fulfill the list of points that can assist you in the procedure of migrating to New Zealand and being a permanent resident of the country.

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