Ministry of External Affairs proposes visa-on-arrival facility for Chinese tourists


  • US President Barack Obama’s visit to Indian
  • Visa-on-arrival facility for Chinese tourists
  • Investments and travelers from China

India to roll red carpet for Chinese tourists with visa-on-arrival facilityMinistry of External Affairs is planning to propose the facility of visa-on-arrival along with the easing of current protective restrictions to Chinese travelers visiting the nation to enhance the investments that country attains from China. The new move will be put forth after three months of Chinese President, Xi Jinping’s visit to the nation, during which a dozen of agreements was signed by both the nations to surge their commerce and trade.

An India diplomat to China, Ashok K. Kantha has pitched in a conference on the extension of visa-on-arrival facility to Chinese travelers, on easing of visa rules and regulations for other various visas of business and on investments of Chinese in various divisions of the country.

In the attendance of Dineshwar Singh (Intelligence Bureau Director) and Rajinder Khanna (Research & Analysis Wing chief), Union Home Secretary Anil Goswami had met Kantha another time on Friday to have a brief discussion on the same concern.

These conferences on various sectors are about to happen before United States President Barack Obama’s visit to Indian on Republic Day.

In order to obtain a number of investments and travelers from China, the Indian government has to ease visa norms for Chinese tourists, say senior officials. India has extended this new online for 43 other overseas nations.

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