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  • How have I come across MoreVisas?
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Hello friends, this is Shylu.  Today I am here to share my experience with MoreVisas in my Canada Immigration process. I had a dream of relocating to Canada that has diverse cultures, traditions, and stupendous attractions. Apart from its natural attractions and beaches, the country is also known for wide-range of employment and career prospects.

How have I come across MoreVisas?


Recently one of my friends migrated to Canada and had told me that the Canadian government is about to launch the new migration program called Express entry for skilled workers who wish to explore their skills and abilities. With an intention of fulfilling my dreams, I started surfing about the new immigration system of my dream destination. I could only gain some unclear information on the new system but not fully. Then I have come across MoreVisas, an emerging visa consultancy which has professionals who work hard collectively.

My Experience with MoreVisas


MoreVisas is an outstanding visa consultancy that has experts who provide complete assistance throughout the application process. I really found them as helpful when I was in need. MoreVisas professionals follow few principles which would help a client to confidently navigate through every phase of the visa process. I am spellbound with their excellent services. I heartily appreciate them for their best services and for backing me throughout my immigration process.

They have not only helped me out in the new immigration process of Canada but also helped me in gaining awareness and knowledge on the updates rules and regulations of every visa category related to my dream country. Thanks to each and every member of the team for such excellent services offered by your firm.

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14 comments on “MoreVisas Assistance in my Canada Express Immigration Program

  1. I want to immigrate to Canada through the newly launched Express Entry program. I have heard that morevisas holds expertise in this area. Can you assist me?

    1. As per my knowledge there are no such minimum qualification points to breakthrough Express Entry system. Candidates should get maximum score to migrate to Canada.

    1. Hai harpal, these are the attributes under express entry Core Human capital, skill transferability and spouse characteristics are the few factors under which points will be allotted.