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  • Why study in Canada?
  • Basic requirements of Canada student visa
  • Why MoreVisas?

Canada is one of the well-known and incredibly significant study destinations that offer umpteen number of career and employment prospects for international students who would like to explore their skills and abilities. Alongside its educational opportunities, this top-notch destination is also known for its beguiling wildlife, stunning landscapes, escapade destinations, high-rise buildings, urban prettiness, waterfalls, crystal clear beaches and picturesque natural beauty and many others. Planning to relocate to this tranquil ambiance nation to explore your ideas by undertaking higher studies? Look no further. Approach the well-trained and qualified firm of MoreVisas to fulfill your dreams at a faster pace.

Why study in Canada?


Canada is one other developed nation that lures international students with standard education system. An overseas national pursuing his or her higher education in Canadian universities can come across diverse range of benefits such as:

• work while studying for at least 20 hours in a week to support themselves financially during their stay
• an opportunity to hone your language skills and to come across diverse cultures and traditions
• can travel across the nation without any constraints
• flexibility to choose the course
• adaptability to overcome the complex situations
• scholarships or bursaries from the concerned institutions
• affordable cost of living and less tuition fees when compared to other developed nations
• can obtain the internationally recognized degrees
• can come across diverse range of study programs in distinguished fields such as law, engineering, information technology, nursing, medicine, agriculture, art and design, biological sciences and many others.

An overseas individual wishing to undertake a vocational training other than the full-time college, high-school or university education must obtain the concerned student visa of the country by gaining fine cognizance on the upgraded visa norms.

Basic requirements of Canada student visa


Following are the requirements that an individual must meet to fulfill his or her aspirations at faster pace and to relocate successfully

• Valid visa of the country
• Must hold sufficient funds to support themselves financially in the country during their stay
• Must hold all the educational documents
• Should not possess any criminal records
• Testament of acceptance letter from the concerned authorities of the institution
• Must meet the health and character requirements
• Proficiency in English language

Know more about its visa options and upgraded rules and regulations by consulting the professional immigration consultants of MoreVisas.

Why MoreVisas?


MoreVisas is a first-rate immigration consultancy that has expertised professional staff who offers steadfast immigration solutions for every query that you have regarding the immigration. They just don’t assist a client in the visa application process but also aid him or her to gain fine cognizance on every upgraded information related to their dream country.

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  1. Although I wish to bring my family dependents with me to Canada, I am not sure how to go about it. Can morevisas help me out?