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Denmark is a picturesque country having a lot of opportunities for immigrants in terms of educational opportunities and employment prospects. It is a much sought-after dream destination for individuals from all walks of life. If you wish to be a part of this wonderful country, you should apply for a Denmark Green Card with the help of a visa consultancy like Morevisas.

Denmark Green Card


The Denmark green card is handed over to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. If you are granted a residence permit under the green card scheme, then you do not need to hold a separate work permit. As a green card holder, you are allowed to engage yourself in paid or unpaid work. However, you cannot work as a self-employed person under this scheme.

Denmark Green Card requirements


You should be able to score a minimum of 100 points under the following headings in order to qualify for the Green card scheme:-

  •  Educational Qualifications- 130 points in totality
  • Language proficiency- Maximum of 40 points. You should also be fluent in Danish, German, Swedish, English or Norwegian languages
  • Adaptability to Denmark- You can secure overall 15 points in this category

Once you are granted a residence permit to Denmark, you must move to the country within a maximum time of six months and have an official address there. Also, within 12 months, you should be able to earn a minimum of DKK 50,000. Your family dependents can join you in the country once you have an official address, get a job and start earning.

How MoreVisas helps?


MoreVisas consultants are suitably adapted to meet a client’s growing needs and requirements related to visas and immigration. These experts keep themselves abreast with latest changes in visa norms and regulation to facilitate easy and faster approvals of visas for their clientele. These services are offered by MoreVisas at very affordable rates so that number of people can benefit from them. Approach them to get swift and timely assistance.

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8 comments on “MoreVisas offers information about the Danish Green Card

  1. I have a dream of migrating to Denmark with the green card scheme of the country, but one of my friends said its visa regulations has got upgraded. Please convey me the updated visa requirements of the country?

    1. Hi, Competency in English language, evidence of sufficient financial funds to support themselves financially during their stay and housing support in Denmark