U.S. B2 Tourist visa

Hello, everyone! My name is Gayatri. I recently had an interaction with the expert team of Morevisas consultancy and I would like to take this opportunity to narrate how I got my visitor visa for U.S. approved with their help.

It has been my long-cherished desire to visit the wonderful country of U.S. since my childhood days. I used to be thrilled every time I saw the clippings of this world super power nation on television, in newspapers and magazines or hearing by word of mouth from those who had already visited it. Hearing about the mighty Niagara Falls, the spectacular Grand Canyon and the Yellow Stone National Park, among many other attractions sent a thrill in me. I wanted to visit all these places. However, I was helpless as I had not got even the slightest clue about how to go about it.

At this juncture, I received a call from my maternal aunt who was settled in that country and she invited me to come over for a short stay with her. However, I told her about my incapacity to do so. It was then that she suggested that I visit the Morevisas consultancy as it was because of them that she herself successfully relocated.

Without much delay, next day I visited the nearest office of Morevisas and narrated the whole incident. They assigned a consultant to handle my case at a personal level. He told me that a visitor visa to the U.S. is called a B2 visa. He also told me about the eligibility criteria and the documents required for getting this visa. Once everything was lined up, I was called for the interview. I attended the interview on the scheduled date and then waited for the results with bated breath.

The day I got a call from my consultant that my U.S. visitor visa had been approved, my joy knew no bounds! I was elated and thrilled. Really, Morevisas consultancy is a place where all our visas and immigration-related issues are sorted out in a hassle-free way. I am really thankful to the professional team at Morevisas and especially my consultant at Morevisas. I recommend the Morevisas consultancy to anyone looking out for swift and reliable immigration help.