US Work Study Program – Review

Hello, friends! My name is Ranjith. I would like to take this time to narrate in brief about my wonderful experience at Morevisas consultancy and how I got into the US Work Study Program with their help.

First I would like to tell a little about my personal background. After completing my graduation, I wanted to go to the US to pursue my Master’s degree. However, my financial condition was not very strong. This deterred me from my determination to go overseas as I did not know how to meet my expenses if I went abroad. At this point of time, on the advice of my best friend, I came to Morevisas consultancy with my problem.

After hearing about my problem in detail, the consultant who was assigned to me reassured me and said that there was no need to worry as my problem could be easily sorted out. He came up with a list of educational institutions in the US which offered work while studying option and informed me about the Work Study Program. Slowly and steadily as he explained the details of the program, all my doubts began to fade away. I was told about how I could gain over 40 hours of weekly off-campus work experience in the US companies and earn.

Although half the battle was won, I still needed to process the visa and clear the interview for the same. Even that was efficiently handled as within a few days the documentation, filing and interview process got over without any hassles. Finally, I could see new avenues opening up before me!

I owe my success to the entire staff and especially my consultant at Morevisas. Without their guidance, help, and support, it would not have been possible for me to go to my dream destination in order to pursue my studies. The knowledge shared with me by Morevisas team was indeed very helpful. I thank one and all once again!

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