PIOs to get life-long Indian visas: President Mukherjee


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The Indian government has announced an ordinance that wishes to merge Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) schemes, which enables PIO’s to obtain a life-long Indian visa.

The reforms through the ordinance to the Citizenship Act will provide certain benefits for PIOs such as life-long visa and exemption to meet in person with the local police station. Later on, Modi has said that the Home Ministry has plans to launch a new program that will merge the OCI and PIO schemes and also will provide 10-year visas for nationals of United States.

Reportedly, people with PIO cards will be eligible to apply for 15-year visas, unlike OCI cardholders who will be eligible to obtain lifelong visas. This measure will also eliminate the need of foreigners who marry Indian citizens to reside in the country for a one-year period prior to obtaining an Indian citizenship.

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