Quebec selected skilled worker visa


Canada is a beautiful and prosperous country situated in North America. It is one of the nations that has a lot to offer immigrants in terms of a stable economy, safe environment, and healthy ambiance. As far as the benefits that people can gain out of relocating to Canada goes, the people are attracted to come here to excel in studies or work here. There is a great opportunity in Canada’s Quebec province for skilled migrants who are looking to work overseas.

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Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program


This program includes people who are found eligible by the Quebec government to economically contribute and adapt well to the region. An applicant can come here if he or she has a valid job offer and have scored the required points on the point-based assessment. To apply for this visa category, an individual must obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate or QSC. This will enable the person to apply for permanent residence.

Eligibility requirements


  • Age should be falling between 18 to 35 years.
  • Should be having an exceptional academic background.
  • Must be holding valid experience in the occupation that he or she has chosen.
  • As this is a point-based system, it requires the individual to score 49 points as a single applicant and 57 points jointly with the spouse, common-law partner or conjugal companion.
  • Evidence of health check-up.
  • Must not be having a history of any sort of criminal offense or police records.

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