Recent Changes Made to Tier 2 UK Visa



  • Easier Tier 2 Intra-firm Transfer
  • Measures to boost the hiring of overseas graduates
  • Nurses would stay on the list of Shortage Occupations

Last month the Home Office of the UK has declared few changes to its Tier 2 visa which comes under the category of skilled visas with an aim of minimizing dependence on overseas employees and guard the job prospects for residents of the UK.

These modifications are put forth based on the suggestions of Independent Committee on Migration Advisory (MAC). The initial phase of reforms would take place in this autumn season and the second phase would come into force from April month of next year.

The amendments in the categories of Tier 2 has been revealed much before of their dates of being implemented, giving the businesses some time to prepare and plan accordingly.

The important reforms include:


1. Raising least income threshold for Tier 2 visa: income threshold for experienced employees would be raised to 25,000 in the autumn season this year and 30,000 in the April month next year. Education and health experts like paramedics, medical radiographers, and school teachers would be exempted from the advanced threshold till the month of July 2019. The least threshold for newcomers would stay at 20,800 pounds.

2. Nurses would stay on the list of Shortage Occupations: To simplify the hiring crisis which the NHS is currently facing, nurses would stay on the list of shortage occupations, but sponsors would require carrying out a market test for resident labor (RLMT) prior hiring a non-EU nurse.

3. Easier Tier 2 Intra-firm Transfer (ICT): The present intra-firm transfer rules are being made easy by having entire infra firm transferees to meet the criteria under an initial visa category with least income threshold of 41,000 pounds with an exception of graduate trainees. The skills transfer under Tier 2 would be closed from autumn season this year and short term under Tier 2 would close from April next year. From April next year, entire intra-firm transferees would need to qualify under an initial category of visa.

4. Measures to boost the hiring of overseas graduates: From this year, the spot available for ICT graduate trainees on Tire 2 UK Visa for every firm in the UK would be raised from 5 to 20 every year with the least income threshold being slashed from 24,800 to 23,000 pounds. Foreign graduates would be provided additional weight on Tier 2 general monthly allotment panel reviews and they could switch within a firm once they got a permanent job.

5. Imposing immigration skills charges: Immigration skill charges would be imposed on employers who hire employees on tier 2 visa at 1,000 for every individual every year starting from April next year with 364 pounds for petite charities and businesses and exemption for Ph.D. professions, graduate trainees and students on Tier 4 visa who switch to Tier 2 visa.

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