Red White Red card for Permanent Immigration to Austria



  • Shortage occupations and other essential key workers can apply for this Card.
  • Work and get permanently settled in the country
  • candidate finds their suitable job based on their qualification

Austria has introduced a new scheme of immigration for skilled migrants known as the Red-White-Red Card to arrive, work and get permanently settled in the country. The main aim of this proposal is to make possible the process of immigration of different overseas nation workers, who are skilled and their relations and families who desire to migrate to this nation. This process is based on the point based system which gives way in for the candidate to a range of employment opportunities that suit their profile. This visa provides a stay up to 12 months meanwhile you can hunt for an appropriate job.

Red-White-Red Card


This Red-White-Red Card will enable the candidate to get fixed-term employment and settlement by a particular employer and as it is based on a point system the candidates need to score minimum points and these points are distributed based on certain factors like Educational qualification, experience, language skills, adaptability etc. the card will be issued as soon as the candidate finds their suitable job based on their qualification. The main added advantage of this card is it can be additionally forwarded to their offspring’s or spouse

The following people are suitable for getting this Red-White-Red Card:


  • Very highly skilled workers
  • Qualified workers in shortage professions
  • Other essential workers
  • Graduates of Austrian colleges and universities of higher education
  • Self-employed essential workers

Skilled workers in shortage occupations and other essential key workers can apply for this Card. And they need submit a statement by the anticipated employer on fulfillment with the employment conditions along with the application. Candidates who are allowed to enter the nation without a visa and overseas graduates from universities of this country having a validation by the proficient residence authority may put forward their submission directly with the proficient residence authority in Austria who will forward the submission for assessment, confirmation of the entrance criteria.

Relatives or close family members of highly skilled overseas workers, essential key workers may apply for this Card correspondingly after legal entry without a visa with the competent residence authority in Austria. The Red-White-Red card is issued by the residence authority only if all requirements whether general or specified are fulfilled, according to the Act of Settlement and Residence.

Who are eligible for Red-White-Red Card Plus?


The overseas skilled workers who are the holders of Red-White-Red Card can apply for this card plus if they were employed in agreement with the necessities important for receiving the RWR Card for at least 10 months within the preceding 12 months. And also the EU Blue card holders who are employed in agreement with the requirements vital for receiving the EU Blue card for at least twenty-one months within the above twenty-four months.

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