Residence and Work Permit is Granted Under Denmark Green Card



  • Features of Denmark Green Card
  • Points based system of Denmark Green Card
  • Get the job in Denmark and settle down in the country

If you are planning to reside and work in the most developed EU member nation, then Denmark has got the system of points based on its Denmark Green Card which you must be making application for.

Denmark is among the most influential economies of the European continent with its steady government and indiscriminate social set up. Denmark being the member of EU is also an added benefit that this Scandinavian nation offers.

If you are making plans to migrate to this nation, it would be great if you do the in-depth analysis of the Denmark immigration system.

We could classify Denmark immigration into two steps:


Qualified residence in the nation for five years and,

Permanent residence ends into citizenship of the nation through naturalization.

Period of Qualified residence usually includes various people through that one could be allowed to live in the nation for a certain period of time ie for studies and then work, by marriage, Green card.

If we analyze various routes of getting residence for the period of five years in the country, Denmark Green Card is the most common route utilized by the immigrants.

Features of Denmark Green Card


  • Green card works as a residence and job permit
  • It could be acquired by people who seek to get the job in Denmark and settle down in the country.
  • It is granted after a profile of the applicant scores enough points
  • It does not let a migrant set up or run their own business.

Points based system of Denmark Green Card


The points system of Denmark Green Card assess the potential applicants on basis of skills, language proficiency and let them obtain a provisional residence permit visa on basis of their qualification with a target of obtaining a job in the country.

The applicants are eligible for bonus points if they got their qualification from a recognized university. Additionally, it also entitles to get additional points by if they had worked in an occupation which is listed in the positive list of Denmark Immigration. Scoring compulsory points let an applicant obtain permit of temporary residence. Applicants can also call their spouse and dependent kid. if other eligibility criteria are fulfilled as well like educational qualifications, proficiency in English language and adaptability.

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