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Canada is one of the most popular and desirable countries chosen by most of the foreign skilled workers. The country has a stable economy and is a land of opportunities to many skilled workers from various parts of the world. The nationals of Canada( are very friendly and welcome the foreign nationals without any discrimination.

Canada immigration has given a chance to the skilled workers by launching Canada FSW which will allow the foreign skilled workers to work in Canada, fulfill their dreams and lead a life of quality.

Canada federal skilled worker program

Settle Canada

Most of the foreign skilled workers choose Canada undoubtedly for the immigration. Canada FSW gives the opportunity for the skilled workers to prove their skills and make their career in a country.

The country has managed to attract around 30,000 Indians to Canada which is according to the recent study. There is a visible growth in the number of people who fly Canada every year to work study or live.

Foreign skilled workers are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to stay in Canada and take part in growing the country’s economy.

The skilled worker is assessed on

• Language skills
• Education
• Work experience
• Other factors

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The eligibility criteria is based on certain factors such as

• One year of work and paid experience in a single occupation
• Minimum requirements such as work experience and pay in the same company within in the last 10 years
• Language eligibility
• The applicant must have Canadian diploma, credential or certificate (or) foreign educational credential assessment by CIC
• The applicant later is assessed based on 6 factors

  1.  Education
  2.  Work experience
  3.  Age
  4.  Language proficiency
  5.  Employment in Canada
  6.  Adaptability

• Proof of funds
• Police clearance

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