Canada Family Immigration


Canada is a country which plays host to citizens of many nations. What attracts foreigners to this North American country is its clean and green surroundings, relatively safe environment, robust economy, less stringent immigration laws and a high standard of living. People from offshore countries arrive here to be a part of this amazing destination. Some come here to study in one of the premier colleges and universities while others are allured by the immense career opportunities that Canada offers to foreign skilled immigrants.

Whatever be the reason for your move to Canada, leaving behind your loved ones back in your country of origin can be a painful process. Canada has eased your difficulties by introducing the family immigration program wherein you can immigrate and settle in Canada along with your dependents. To help you in this, MoreVisas consultancy offers you the best remedies for timely aid and assistance.

Who are all eligible for Canada family immigration?


Family members who may either be a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner as well as dependent children are eligible to acquire the family immigration visa to Canada. In the case of a dependent child, the age should be less than 22 years and such an individual should not be having a spouse or a common-law partner but he or she should be financially dependent upon the parent.

What are the eligibility criteria for a sponsor?


  • Should be above 18 years of age
  • Should be a resident of Canada
  • Should sponsor the family member for a period ranging from three to 10 years
  • Should be able to support the dependents financially such that the migrants do not try to find monetary assistance from the Federal government

Documents needed for proof of legal relationship


  • In case you are married, you must furnish the marriage certificate along with joint documents for house ownership, health insurance, and life insurance papers
  • In case of a dependent child, the sponsor must submit the birth certificate as proof of age, a copy of the parent’s marriage certificate and evidence to prove that the child is theirs and not adopted

Why choose MoreVisas for assistance?


MoreVisas helps in providing help to all its clients by not only painstakingly explaining them the process of immigration but also helping them out during the entire visa processing. This includes various steps like application lodging, documentation and preparation for the interview. The staff at MoreVisas is very efficient, client-friendly and professional. They have an unparalleled success rate. Come to MoreVisas today to turn your dream of living with your family in Canada a reality.